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Full Face Positive Pressure Fit Testing

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Respirator Face Fit Testing is the premier supplier of fit testing services in Australia and New Zealand.

Our mobile fit testing capability with the latest quantitative fit testing equipment, the PortaCount Fit Tester 8048+ with FitPro Ultra software, allows us to come to your workplace enabling quick and cost efficient testing of even the largest workforces.

An all new user interface and industry-first features combine to create the most powerful fit test instrument available. From touchscreen tablets to PC laptops, the software is easy to use and similar to applications on your own personal devices.

Why Fit Test?


Assurance for your Business and your People…

Respirator fit testing is recommended for use of all RPE facepieces including disposable devices.
The AS/NZS 1715 Standard states an individual shall be fit tested prior to initial use, whenever there is a change in your facial characteristics or other features which may affect the facial seal of the respirator and should be repeated annually thereafter.
Under the various pieces of health & safety legislation ensuring a respirator fits correctly is considered a reasonably practicable step to managing an individual workers safety.

Humans come in many shapes and sizes, as do respirators. This results in wide variability of physical dimensions and features of both people and respirators. The ability of a respirator to form a satisfactory seal or barrier between the wearer and the contaminated environment may be significantly affected by these variables.
If the respirator-user match (fit) is not checked, an unsatisfactory seal/barrier may unknowingly exist. This could allow excessive leakage of airborne contaminants into the wearer’s breathing zone, even though the user is wearing a respirator correctly selected for the application.
A fit test is used to assess whether a specific type, model and size of respirator can adequately fit a specific individual.

Full Face Positive Pressure Fit Tests

Our specialist testing equipment can test any of the following RPE including;

Quantitative respirator fit testing (QNFT)

Half-mask fit testing

Full-face fit testing

Disposable filtering-facepiece fit testing for Series 100/99/95/P1/P2/P3 masks

SCBA fit testing

Gas mask fit testing

PAPR fit testing

Fit Tests For All Industries

Many jobs and industries require the use of a suitable and adequately fitted respirators these can include;

Asbestos removalists

Spray painters

Emergency services personnel

Welders and solderers

Chemical plants and offshore facilities

Marine engineers and boilermakers

Hospital workers and anaesthetists

Contractors who work with chemicals or around asbestos and other hazardous materials


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